Meet Franklin!

Sir Franklin von Lichtenstein was born on February 9, 2009 in the great state of Missouri. In April of the same year, he travelled to New Mexico; his fur-ever home.

As a pup, Franklin made it extremely clear that he hated baths and being alone. Since he left home at a young age, Frank did not learn how to bay. He spent many a morning practicing without any success. Only on rare, extremely emotional occasions will he let out that signature basset hound sound.

He excels at puppy-dog eyes, barking, and cuddles. He loves car rides (so long as he is riding shotgun), chicken jerky, and ice cream. He especially enjoys the company of his Grandpapi, and staying home with his Grammy Rose, taking wonderfully long, air conditioned naps.

As an antisocial senior citizen, our am-basset-or mostly supervises JexCoco activities from home. However, he thanks you all profusely for your support. He is used to a life of luxury and here at JexCoco, we fully intend to enable that adorable hound dog.