Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased something from you and received a discount card in my package. How do I redeem that?

In order to redeem any discounts, you'll need to purchase online. I don't do them via text or direct messaging. Please just order online and I will honor it.

I'm local, do I still pay shipping?

No, for my locals in the 88201/88203 area, I offer delivery/pickup options. You'll select Local Delivery or Local Pick Up from the options. 

How do I get free shipping?

Free shipping is offered on orders of $35 or more.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, unfortunately I think it's real expensive, but if you are willing to pay shipping I will send it.

Do you have a physical store? 

I do not. I strictly sell via this web store and locally by word of mouth. I don't know that I'd ever want a physical store. However, I'd totally be down to let other small businesses sell my items in theirs.

Do you do collaborations?

YES! I love working with other artists. I do ignore emails about collaborating with influencers. That's just spam and I'm only interested in working with you if we're creating a product or partnership.

I've only ever done collaborations with one other artist - Taylor's Musings. We had mixed media lapel pins one year. It helps that she's my best friend and my small business role model. I aspire to be as successful as she is. She makes incredible jewelry as well, so go check her out at

How do you make this item?

I am in no way a professional when it comes to making jewelry, but I do have a series on my Instagram Reels entitled "How I Make It". There you'll find a few videos showing how I make some of my products. If there's something you'd like to see, then just message me! I also don't mind sharing where I find my supplies, just ask!

Why do you refer to yourself as 'we' if you're the only person in jexcoco?

I am a dog mom, a very serious dog mom. I count Franklin as my little business partner. He's my little motivator, my constant companion, and my favorite part of any day. So when referring to the shop, I say we because he's always with me. 

Can we meet Frankie in person?

Unfortunately, Frankie is not a people dog. He doesn't let anyone near him and you can forget petting him. He's terrified of anyone new, especially men, and as his mom it's my job to protect him from scary things. A quick visit with him at pick up isn't an option. The best you're gonna get is a 'from a safe distance' super barker barking at you from the moment you pull up to the moment you leave. That's it.

He loves other dogs though, so if you have a fur baby who is friendly, bring them. He might let you in the yard.

Can I request custom items?

Absolutely! If you like a certain style of earrings or lapels, but would rather have a different color, just reach out! I'm more than happy to create a custom order for you.

I DO NOT create any items or designs that deliberately copy someone else's work. As much as I'd love to use popular characters for stickers, it's a copyright infringement and I'm not comfortable with that. I can do character inspired things, but a complete rip off is a no go.

Also, I am one of Jehovah's witnesses so I don't make anything that has religious or satanic symbols or connotations; I do not create or make anything to do with spiritism, and/or anything of that nature. There are plenty of other avenues for those things; I suggest you find them instead. 

Is this your full time job?

No, unfortunately it is not. I am a medical office assistant, but that's just a fancy word for receptionist. I work for a cardiologist and some family medicine providers. I answer phones and schedule appointments, and act as an assistant to my provider, ensuring his schedule allows for procedures at the hospital, his administrative meetings, as well as seeing patients in our office. Since I have a full time job, it sometimes takes me a little longer than I'd like to take care of my orders here, but I do my best to be very active with jexcoco.

I'm broke, how can I support you for free?

Dude, I feel you. You definitely don't have to order to support. Like, comment, and share on social media. Shout out your favorite shops on your pages. If you do purchase something, show it off!

Every bit of engagement helps small businesses and I promise you, I get giddy when I see people wearing my items.